How do I book multiple PCR tests?

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The manner to book multiple PCR tests for multiple individuals with a single provider will differ from provider-to-provider. You can find the most accurate and up-to-date information within the profile of each provider.

Broadly speaking, providers have adopted one of two methods to cater for this:

Multiple Appointments

The majority of providers have split PCR test appointments into small time slots. Therefore, you are advised to book one time slot per patient. This can be achieved by repeating the booking flow as many times as necessary.

To make this easier, with Okadoc, it is possible to add your friends & family to your account. This will enable you to quickly book on their behalf.

Single Appointment

A few providers offer the option to extend a single appointment to include multiple individuals. This is most common with At Home services. In these cases, the provider will reach out directly to you (after booking), to capture additional patients and any timing/cost impact.

Important Notes

Remember: you will always find the most accurate and up-to-date information on the profile of the provider. Regardless of the provider, please follow these instructions on how to book a PCR test via Okadoc.

After making a PCR test appointment, it is important that you are available and responsive on the number utilised to book the service. This will ensure that your appointment can commence without any issue.

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How do I book a PCR test?