I have an Okadoc account, but I do not remember creating it. Why?

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Okadoc works closely with healthcare providers to give their patients the best experience possible. Part of this is to provide patients who still book in a 'traditional' manner - e.g. at the facility, or over the phone - the option to manage their appointments online.

Okadoc achieves this by receiving appointment data from healthcare providers. When Okadoc receives this data, it is carefully matched against pre-existing user accounts. If an Okadoc account does not exist for a mobile phone number, we go ahead and create one. This enables patients - through appropriate verification steps - to view, reschedule or cancel their appointments.

Sometimes individuals do not immediately realise that they are using Okadoc's technology, because we offer a branded solution to customers, which often prompts this question. We are always working on ways that our product can be more transparent to reduce any concerns.

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