How do I book with my insurance?

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With Okadoc, you can quickly find a profile that is covered by your insurance plan.

When it comes to insurance, Okadoc lets providers dictate which insurance plans they cover within their profile.

Additionally, providers can choose whether users can book with insurance. They can pick from one of the three following options:

  • Insurance is not accepted.
  • Insurance is accepted. Evidence of insurance will be collected outside of Okadoc.
  • Insurance is accepted. Evidence of insurance must be uploaded via Okadoc, prior to booking.
When you book an appointment, the Okadoc interface will communicate the available options and what requirements have been placed around making an appointment.
Please note that Okadoc does not verify or validate provided insurance information.

The provider will conduct the eligibility check and contact you if your insurance/carrier/plan is not accepted or if there will be a co-payment required.

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