Okadoc Online Pharmacy Delivery

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Okadoc has released its newest service, the Pharmacy Bot both in KSA & UAE.

This will allow Okadoc's customers to order their prescriptions from the homepage and login dashboard.

To order online, you can follow these steps:

  1. Based on your country location refer to Okadoc homepage in UAE or KSA
  2. Click on the 'Order Your Prescription' banner
  3. This will take you to the WhatsApp Bot 'Continue to Chat' page
  4. Activate the chat on your browser or download the WhatsApp application if you don't have it
  5. Continue to chat and send "Hi"
  6. Follow the instructions sent by the Bot in order to send your prescription.

You can also start the order by accessing the Pharmacy Bot through the patient dashboard.

Or you can use the direct WhatsApp numbers: Pharmacy in UAE  +971 52 830 8672/ Pharmacy in KSA +966 55 435 7280

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